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"Wanna make own cosmetics !" "Want to import / export the product !"
There are some hurdles for importing and selling cosmetics in Japan.
With our knowledge and achievements, we give you the best solution.

On behalf of your company, we will assist you all process you need.
We will provide our own assets even for small projects or projects that are difficult to proceed in any other companies.
It doesn't matter if it's just " dream” or “ hope" for now.
We show you proposal that only WE CAN DO, in order to put it into a "concrete goal"
We are happy to assist you for your new challenges.

  • Cosmetics
    The cosmetics-related business is our strongest area. Our strength lies in our continuous trial and error and research capabilities over 30 years, and the know-how we have cultivated there. In particular, quasi-drug hair dyes (powder type hair color) for hairdressing and beauty have received tremendous support from salons. Of course, as for various hair care and body care, we are satisfied with professionals as professional specifications. We, SOKY, can totally produce these. Tomorrow's "cleanness" can be obtained with today's "little effort" and "gentle care" for the body.
  • Import
    There are many wonderful cosmetics overseas. I think there are many people who want to sell such products in Japan as well. When importing foreign-made cosmetics to Japan, it is necessary to carry out quality control and customs clearance procedures based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. In the first place, we will start with a survey to see if it can be sold in Japan, and on your behalf, we will assist you from import permission procedures, creation of related materials, ingredient check, GQP / GVP management, to delivery. Even if you have any problems, the staff in charge will call you or have a face-to-face interview and explain until you are completely satisfied. The only thing that is important is the feelings for the product.
  • Global Network
    With our global network, which has been doing business with countries around the world for many years, mainly in the cosmetics industry, we believe that we can respond quickly and accurately to your needs. Please enthusiastically talk about what you want to do! !! We will work together towards that goal. “More Than Information” We want to be a company that is close to you, not just providing information.
  • R&D(OEM・ODM)
    We have taken on the challenge of producing, researching, and developing with a wide range of network channels in order to "shape ideas and thoughts." We manufacture small lots of OEM products, joint projects, and the products that each customer is looking for are diverse. That is why "Listen & Respond" is so important. In communicating with customers, we will change "better things" and "creation of new ideas and new value" into "shapes". We believe it is our mission and our commitment to you.

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