Q. What is the alcohol % of "Premium Hand Gel"?

A. It is 72v / v%.
(Cosmetics, purpose : solvent, refreshing agent)

Q. "Premium Hand Gel" works against the new coronavirus?

A. For details, please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website.


Q. I want to import cosmetics, what should I do?

A. If you already have found specific products, the starting point is to check if there are any problems with the ingredients of the product.
After that, we will have meeting then we submit our original “one-stop solution”.

Q. I would like to import quasi-drugs, what should I do?

A. The flow itself is almost same as cosmetics, but you need to submit the permit application documents to the government office.
After outsourcing to our partner company, it takes a certain period and cost to apply.
Please note that we may not be able to provide information on some fields depending on the type and application details.

Q. Does the consultation cost money?

A. The first consultation is completely FREE for each company.
Please be assured that confidentiality is strictly maintained as internal compliance.
First of all, please tell us your company's wishes in detail.
From the second time onward, depending on the content of the consultation, you may be charged for clerical work.

Basically, we think we can reach the answer in a "one-time consultation".

Q. I’m interested in "○○" (specific overseas product), so I would like to import and sell it.

A. It is possible by the method of "parallel import".
However, we will not accept if the product has exclusive sales rights, or if there is a clear possibility of disadvantage to existing distributors or customers.
First of all, we will hear details from you at the first consultation.

Q. Is it possible to consult with a video conference such as ZOOM?

A. We do not use ZOOM, but we do utilize the video conferencing functions (LINE and FaceTime), e-mails, and any other app.
If you would like to meet us, please make a reservation in advance or our staff will visit you.
At that time, please be assured that we will thoroughly take measures against coronavirus such as wearing a mask, disinfecting and sterilizing.

Q. How much does it cost and how long does it take to import a product?

A. The estimated cost depends on the quantity, import destination country, and product content, so we cannot answer.
And same as time it takes.
On the other hand, since we have our own format, it is possible to minimize fees other than the necessary expenses related to imports.
We will prepare the optimum solution to get you started.

Q. As an individual, can I import cosmetics and miscellaneous goods?

A. We cannot handle personal consultations.
For personal use, if it is not dangerous goods, not import prohibited goods, or within the importing quantity regulation, you can import them by yourself.
(Please research and take your own risks.)
If you want to sell them, you need to apply for various permits and licenses.
Please note that you may be subject to legal punishment.
For more information, please contact customs, post offices, shipping companies, etc, directly.




International mail (Japan Post)


Q. It is difficult to connect to your office telephone.

A. We apologize for any inconvenience.
At our company, we are carrying out home work and remote work as part of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.
For inquiries, please use the mail form. The person in charge will reply you ASAP.
Please refer to FAQ as well. You might find what you want to know.

Q. Do you have a branch office?

A. Only at the Osaka HQ.

Q. Are there any plans for new hires?

A. No plans for now.
Information will be posted on "News" page.

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